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We are looking for serious studio artists/craftspeople who work in all mediums who want to join a collaborative community environment.  Rents for spaces is be between $300 and $500 per month depending on type of space and equipment needed.  This covers all costs including utilities.  It does not cover your own personal insurance.

If you are interested in joining our collective, please call or text Jill at 919-744-7155 to schedule an interview.

Studio members will be able to bring in their own equipment if desired as well as use the community equipment.  Artists bringing in their own equipment may determine if they will allow others to use it or keep the use exclusive to themselves.  


Jill Rossi Design/The Devilish Egg Studio and Makerspace in the 5 Points area of Raleigh is looking for several artists to join our studio.

Community Equipment Includes:


10" Table Saw

Lathe & Gouges

10" Band Saw

Tabletop Drill Press

Tabletop Planer

Tabletop Jointer

Chop Saw



Professional Pottery Wheel

16" Octagonal Kiln with kilnsitter & downdraft vent


The space is currently being used to teach entry-level craft classes to the general public, but will be transitioning over the summer.  It is decorated for it's current purpose but we can discuss desired changes, etc. amongst the studio members.  The top right picture is what it looks like without the curtains and lanterns.

Artists will have 24 hour access to the space and there are no minimum time commitments although, we would like you to spend enough time in the studio to make a contribution to the creative culture.  We place an emphasis on openness and compatibility in character and believe artists in diverse media make a studio a richer place.

We have community work space, wood working, and ceramic equipment as well as private bench space for each artist and a shared gallery area.  The entire studio is about 1400 sf with 2/3 of that being shop space and the other 1/3 being studio and common areas.  The space is heated an cooled and we have a proper rest room.  (Yay! I've been in plenty that don't!)

Last edit 5/15/18